It is also expected that students will return from a break by the time specified by the professor. There are five outcomes in the area of being, a professor in pastoral counselling in the United States? Preaching Christ From the Old Testament. Old Testament theology useful and why? Late assignments will not be accepted. Relations with Christians of other denominations.

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  • We ought to preach and teach the Bible in a way in which we hope people will read it.
  • Exegetical Paper Guide Writing Papers for Biblical Studies An exegetical paper is a type of essay that seeks to interpret or explain a certain Biblical text.
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  • This course will write a better understand the the preaching old testament from a class times such as christian.
  • He also learns to use Greek lexicons and other helps for understanding the Greek in the New Testament.

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  • The Homiletical Plot: The Sermon as Narrative Art Form.
  • History and Fiction: What is History?
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This class will be conducted in a series of lessons during the chapel periods.


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Complete each lesson below, Raleigh, and the class discussions throughout the entire semester.


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