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Bearded dragons close their eyes when stroked as a sign of discomfort While many animals close their eyes as a sign of trust and pleasure for these reptiles it's a sign they know they can't escape you but they want you to stop and go away for the moment.

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Bearded dragons show happiness through behaviors indicating trust and comfort These behaviors can include pressing against you licking the surrounding air coming to you laying flat when you're near and basking often Read more on how to tell if a beardy is happy and how to make them happy.

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Buying in to sell on to make profit will require a licence as will. Of snakes for sale from exotic vine snakes to captive-bred ball pythons. Learn how much money reptile breeders make and information on how to.

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Bearded dragons are not poisonous to humans They do secrete a venom used to paralyze small prey animals but due to the minute amount produced they cannot cause serious harm to people A bite may cause temporary swelling but biting is a rare occurrence from this generally docile creature.

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Pet City Reptiles & Amphibians Pet City WA. DNR Indiana's Reptile & Amphibian Regulations INgov. How much does a bearded dragon Licence cost?

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DIY Here Is How Affectionate Bearded Dragons Really Are Bearded. This applies to all wildlife including any reptiles or amphibians bred or born in captivity.

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