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Justices Stephens, Johnson, Fairhurst and Madsen concur in the result only. NLRB decision halting a libel suit. Local government must adopt regulations to protect critical areas. The legislature may classify counties by population for any purpose that does not violate other constitutional provisions.

The prosecution may appeal an adverse ruling on a motion to suppress, causing the trial to be postponed pending the appellate court ruling.

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It is one thing to say that the government cannot make affirmative use of evidence unlawfully obtained.

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That would destroy the privacy the Fourth Amendment is supposed to protect.

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The warrant must describe precisely both the phone and the evidence being sought. It is not a tax; it is more like the charging of rent for the use of the right of way. He asked if the defendant had on him any guns, knives or hand grenades. LFO statutes to prohibit trial courts from imposing discretionary LROs on defendant who are indigent at the time of sentencing, applies to cases on appeal on the effective date of the amendments.

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Supreme Court held that an officer stepped beyond the plain view doctrine when he moved a turntable in order to view its serial number to confirm that the turntable was stolen.

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DRE, may not opine that a driver was showing signs of being impaired by a stimulant or that the driver was impaired by drugs at the time of an accident. Florida

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The Fourth Amendment applies to state court prosecutions as well as federal ones. Note: The rule announced in Griffin is consistent with Washington territorial case law. This search passes the reasonableness test of the Fourth Amendment. The parties seeking such requests by a magistrate properly entered and computer that warrant case law as a permitting. Changes made to your Post Settings will not be saved.

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