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Administrative assistants perform many important clerical functions for companies, colleges and government agencies, such as scheduling meetings, maintaining files and responding to emails. You can change tracks any time you wish. Get the insights on the salary, benefits, education, and job description. The written grievance shall state whether there was an oral discussion of the matter with the Principal. Quite opposite of that list is the lowest paying states, which are Arkansas, Idaho, and Nebraska. As per details reflected under Qualifications above.

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Salaries in excess of state supported uniform salary schedules. Collaborate with graphic and web designers, PR, and other professionals in marketing projects such as creating email campaigns, landing pages, etc. Sign up for classes, review your benefits, check your paystubs, and more. Review all the content your users are searching for on your site, so that you can serve them better.


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  • 6401-1 Certificated Salary Schedule 6402-1 Administrative Management Salary.
  • Salary is dependent on the type and size of the company and the duties required.
  • Bargaining Unit will receive that increase as long as their performance meets expectations.
  • How is pay for Managers determined? The School District has established policy goals for reduced class size. Trustees of the Fund, provided same are within the scope of applicable law.

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Want to find out how good you are at spotting scam jobs? Offerors should retain copies of all offer materials for their records. Federation in the event that such ratios are signi cantly changed during the life of this Agreement. As a business and entertainment attorney, this issue impacts most of my clients on a regular basis. Salary Senior Administrative Assistant Glassdoor.

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