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Discovering the conservation of momentum through the use of a computer simulation of a onedimensional elastic collision.

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Thirdly, I sincerely thank to Professor Robyn Gillies, and Dr Margaret Wegener whose comments inspired me and encouraged me to complete each milestone of my thesis.

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In my school system, we have both CFAs and learning blueprints that require so many quizzes, tests, and retakes over so many standards, that it is hard to cram in much more than basic instruction.

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The moon is smaller than the earth.

Conceptual understanding tests, surveys, classroom observation protocols and semistructuredinterview protocols wereused for data collection.

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TDOP, Hora et al.

And here I am, in my cognitive dissonance, posting here after school and wondering if my work here, while it benefits some kids, is legitimizing a system that does more harm than good.

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Based on these criteria, we identified courses in biology, in engineering, and in a third STEM discipline.

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The task itself can be extended for further study of subsequent topics at higher grades.

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In what circumstances is the simulation technology useful for the experimental study?

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