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The United States Supreme Court has recognized plea bargaining as both an essential and desirable part of the criminal justice system. Allegations made in one count may be incorporated by reference in another count. Ultimately, it is the judge, not the prosecutor or the probation officer, who decides what the sentence will be.

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None of these claims, even in combination with each other, amount to the proposition that plea bargaining has been completely eliminated from the jurisdiction.

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The Seventh Circuit ruled that the district court did not act vindictively in sentencing defendant to a longer prison term at sentencing.

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Circuit remanded the case for determination of the meaning of the plea agreement and what defendant had been told it meant.

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Having courts review the substance of pleas, instead of merely procedural aspects, is a substantial change from current practice.

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The government also contends that Fields failed to allege the issue adequately in his federal habeas petition.

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There are several categories of constitutional claims, however, as to which the Supreme Court has restricted federal habeas review.

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The State also agreed to recommend a concurrent term of four years imprisonment on each of the remaining indictments.

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Fourth Circuit found that the proper remedy was to vacate all guilty pleas and convictions.

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