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Data Calculation of the quarterly payment amountswill be based on the most recently completed Joint Annual Report of Hospitals at the time of the first quarterly payment for a given fiscal year.

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Jason Zachary would put an income cap on the proposed Katie Beckett waiver for Tennessee children with disabilities. The state will monitor loss ratios of the managed care plans. All settings where Community Integration Support Services are provided must be nondisability specific and meet all federal standards for HCBS settings.

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Vocational Rehabilitation, as appropriate, to ensure progress toward employment continues to be made without delay or gap. Scattered showers will taper off through the day Monday. For purposes of determining capitation rates, the cost of room and board, as defined in Attachment D, is not included in noninstitutional care costs. Katie Beckett and Medicaid Diversion groups.

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Tennessee meet with legislators to discuss issues that are important to people with disabilities.

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