Use a lawyer as your advocate if your submission explores legal matters, or if you think a professional interpretation of legislation or case law is needed. Your link to create a new password has expired. Council has no input except to provide a specialist planning report which is sent to everyone involved before the hearing. Alternatively you may wish to talkto your solicitor or a planning consultant. This question consolidates and replaces previous questions related to scams. RMA system review currently underway.

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Can the conditions of a resource consent ever change? When consents are notified then a joint hearing is held concerning all submissions although typically each Council will release its decision separately. Normally a decision will be made jointly but issued separately.

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If this is the case, people will be informed of the opportunity to make a submission about your application.

  • Councils should also phone ahead of an inspection where possible to ensure that contactless inspections can be carried out.
  • The hearing committee is only interested in the relevant facts and opinions.
  • As a tool it has assisted review of this module. Department of commissioners should probably relate to consent hearing process. Can I subdivide my property?
  • It is important you read your consent and fully understand the conditions prior to commencing the activity.
  • You can apply to the council for it to change or cancel a condition.

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Reload the page when go back in browser window. Information on subdivision consents, landuse consents, certificates of compliance and certificates of existing use rights. The planners report may include reports from other professionals such as engineers.

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Department to consent process, into what he made. In respect of questions to other parties, the reporting officer is a witness at the hearing and has no greater, or lesser, rights than any other party. No decision will be rendered invalid, however, if this requirement is breached. Consent decisions can be appealed to the Environment Court.

The hearing panel is usually made up of two GWRC councillors or independent commissioners, and an iwi appointee.


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Before you start any activity that might affect your neighbours, your wider community or your environment, contact your local council or check out their website. Get any other information the council has asked for. At the same time questions raised, particularly by experts sitting with the reporting officer, can be very valuable. The RMA requires councils to create plans that help them manage the environment.

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The abatement notice may ask you to stop you from an action, require that you cease an action already being undertaken, or require you to undertake an action. Louis and the chief executive officer of Bonauria. The united states embassy personnel and resource consent hearing process a site with other and any of resource for? Guidance for Resource Consents, documents, Development Contributions, District Plan. Not a bill or an advertisement.


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Be specific about concerns, how these could be addressed, and what the desired outcome is.

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Council must formally notify them unless they have provided written approval.

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    Where agreement is able to be reached, the application may be amended and the submissions are withdrawn.

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    For the factors that the council must consider in making a decision, see How to obtain a resource consent.

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How do I apply for a Resource Consent?

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