Duties of auditor Urban Street Angels. Statutory Consent In case of audit of general insurance companies and banks the auditor secures the compliance of financial statements with. Liability relating to the production of an auditor's report contractual liability liability in tort or statutory liability eg under the CA 2006. Any certificate believing tried to statutory duties of an auditor may consider the state auditor.

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The State Fiscal Accountability Authority shall select the State Auditor who shall select necessary assistants.

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Similar roles are also found in Taiwan and South Korea which use modified forms of Japanese corporate law although the English translation.

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Statutory Audit Definition Investopedia. It is found that an auditor has statutory duties under section 266 of the Companies Act 2016 to report to the members of the company in regards. Statutory auditor is a title used in various countries to refer to a person or entity with an auditing. The County Auditor has a broad scope of duties and responsibilities.

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