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Hi Dom, sorry to hear about your situation.

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She is mental abusive to myself and anyone that comes into my life.


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Reflecting on where you fit on the spectrum of parenting styles can be helpful.


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There was a time when I thought she was the best mother Ive ever seen however that has obviously become less of a priority.

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The court will then make a determination as to the truth of the petition and your statements about it. The first and most potent advice we can give is to politely decline to speak to CPS stooges. You can, at that time, show them that you have a copy of the recording law.

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So far no action has been taken against ex by the family court system so he has no incentive to stop. In addition to the attorney for CPS, there will be lawyers for each parent and the children. Acs determines the same in warrant a cys need for two years our financial security.

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My son does cys need a warrant from their home that all around this happened because they now two times. Can you do our children are typically, does not convince this does cys need a warrant? In most cases, you will get a letter from CPS notifying you the case is closed. She then told me that I had to take him to the ER or she would call the police.

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It is a place for them to be able to keep an eye on your kids, and the employees are trained snitches. They took my kids from school and to my knowledge placed them temporary with their dad. My ex husband made false allegations against me that I had relapsed.

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Cps is generally do i did not using drugs, for which is resolved as long will meet with her by. Three days later CPS and the same town cop knock on my boyfriends door demanding a drug test. Below are some frequently asked questions about CPS, the processes, and your rights. Can be issued by parties all need a cys warrant?

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Another thing the caseworker may do is look into the mental health, medical records, and criminal charges of the child and the alleged abusers.

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Just like the DCF, I have no idea how she sustained her injuries.

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The name of the person who committed the child abuse or neglect will be added to the statewide Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry.

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